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We love smoothie bowls. Done right, they are filling, flavourful and can pack a really nutritious punch! You can create pretty much any combination of flavours and then get creative with toppings, for a different bowl each time.

1: Choose your base 

First thing’s first, to create the perfect smoothie bowl you’ll want a superfood base. For a deep purple, antioxidant-rich bowl, go for our classic açaí. If you’re after a showstopper, our dragonfruit will provide a bright pink base that’s full of immune-boosting vitamin C. For a truly tropical flavour, try our fibre-rich ripe jackfruit.

2: Choose your blend 

Frozen fruits make the best base, as not only do fruit tend to contain more of their nutrients when frozen, but they also provide the perfect thick, creamy, scoopable texture that makes a smoothie bowl so satisfying. We’ve pureed and freshly frozen our favourite fruits into manageable pellets which easily blend for the perfect smoothie bowl every time. Choose from Acerola, Coconut Milk, Banana, Blueberry or, Mango.

3: Choose your toppings 

Here’s where you can really add texture as well as flavour to your bowl. Our range of granola, which currently comes in two flavours; Apricot & Cardamom and Cacao & Sea Salt; add an indulgent-tasting yet super healthy crunch. Try adding fresh fruit, nuts and seeds too.

4: Choose your sustainable serveware

Now it’s time to serve up your bowl and make it look as good as it tastes. Keep it chic with our range of sustainable coconut bowls, coconut wooden bowls and utensils, all ethically crafted specifically for your smoothie bowl creations.

5:Order your Products 

That's it - you're all set. Your box is on the way! 

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