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What makes us special

The AmaVida promise


All of our products are Soil Association certified organic. The fruits are grown by local farmers in their natural state without the influence of chemicals or pesticides. Grown organically, they flourish just as nature intended, developing the highest concentration of nutritious compounds such as antioxidants and vitamin C.

Premium Grade

Our açaí is ‘premium-grade’ (Type A), meaning it has the highest concentration of actual açaí fruit in the pulp. It’s characterised by a deep purple colour and is bursting with antioxidants.

Wild harvested

Our fruit are collected by hand from a native ecosystem that is respectful of the natural landscape, wildlife and plant biodiversity of the surrounding environment.

Freshly Frozen

Our products are picked, packed and frozen directly at the source where they are harvested. This is all done within a day of peak ripeness, ensuring all of the nutrients and flavour are preserved. They are 100% fresh and lightly pasteurised to ensure safety.

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Açaí Seed Bracelet

Natural Polished: Açaí Beads, Wild Harvested by locals Ribeirinhos (River Dwellers) in Amazon Rain Forest, All the money we make from the Bracelets will be used in future charities in the Amazon jungle… In nature nothing is created, Nothing is lost, Everything changes.( Antoine Lavoisier).

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